Sustainable Forestry Investment

Earn Up to 11% with quarterly interest payments.

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Capital at Risk. No FSCS Cover.

Why Invest with Green IS?

  • 8% interest per annum
  • 3 years fixed rate of return
  • Quarterly interest payments
  • Invest from £5,000
  • Fully asset backed for capital protection
  • Independent security trustee for investor safety
  • Highly ethical sustainable forestry projects
  • No Fees

As with any investment, your capital at risk.


About Green IS Group


Brazil has suffered from extensive, and often illegal, logging, transforming vast areas of rainforest into pasture and farmland. This transformation has led to a loss of habitat for indigenous wildlife, fauna and flora, and reduced the rainforest’s ability to act as a ‘carbon sink’ – that is, to soak up excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and mitigate the effects of global warming. Our licensed, sustainably managed plantations are part of the answer to this problem.

The Green IS Group is incorporated in the UK, and has a successful record of using bond finance for acquiring both forestry and infrastructure. The group has evolved out of a forestry management company that has been providing excellent returns for investors since 2010.


Investor Security

The bond is secured against the net asset value of Green IS Group Ltd. There is a board resolution to ensure that net assets will always be higher value than outstanding bond liabilities.


Ethical Investment

As part of our arrangement with the FSC, we guarantee the maintenance and sustainability of all our forestry sites, helping to encourage growth of native flora and fauna and provide new habitats for local wildlife.


Regular Income

Our bondholders receive their interest payments on a quarterly basis, allowing them to secure a fixed income over a 5 year period.


Low Entry Level

Invest from as little as £5000, over £5 million invested to date. All returns paid on time, every time.


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